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Use WP Categories in Events Manager

Posted on: 14-11-2018  No Comments
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By default Events Manager does not support the use of “normal” WordPress categories in your events. But are you missing that feature? Agreed, Events Manager provides a nifty solution with their Event Categories. The problem with those is though, that even though they work great, they can not be (easily) used outside of the EM loop. 🙁

How to use WordPress categories in Events Manager?


Step 1: Copy & paste this snippet.

To add a side meta box to your event edit page, just add this to your functions.php:Click here to learn how to safely add your code to WordPress.

Step 2: WP MultiSite compatible.

This snippet also works on WordPress MultiSite installations. Please note that, unlike Event Categories, the WP Categories are maintained per blog.

Step : Let me know what you think.

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