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Show Sub Total in Events Manager Booking Form

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Show Sub Total on Single Bookings Form in Events Manager

If you are using Events Manager, you can choose between two types of bookings: single bookings mode and multiple bookings mode.

Multiple Bookings Mode does not only allow your visitors to add more than one type of ticket and/or event to their cart, but it will also show a nice overview of the costs, taxes and total before submitting the booking.

Show sub total in single bookings mode.

Unfortunately, when you’re using Events Manager in single bookings mode (like me) that option is never shown. But I did want/need to show my customers a sub total before sending them off for an online iDeal payment. So I have created this little snippet.

This snippet will:

  • Display tax rate next to the single ticket price;
  • Display a new table row for the sub total with a label;
  • Add an empty option tot the spaces dropdown, making it required and setting the initial sub total to 0.00;
  • Automatically show the amounts according to your personal Events Manager Pricing Settings.

Step 1: Copy & paste the following snippet.

The snippet will automatically calculate and display the prices and taxes according to your personal Events Manager Pricing Settings.
Add this to your functions.php:Click here to learn how to safely add your code to WordPress.

Note: Coupon discounts (EM Pro feature) are not taken in this method of subtotalling (yet)…

Step : Let me know what you think.

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