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Events Manager – Event Cancellation

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Events Manager - Event Cancellation

If you ever need to cancel an event in Events Manager, it can be quite cumbersome to make sure you have done everything. This little add-on makes it extremely easy!

How it works…

Simply select the new post status “Cancelled”.
(You’ll find this in Quick Edit or the Event Edit Page.)

  • All tickets will be cut-off immediately, so no new bookings can be made.
  • All bookings will automatically be set to booking status “Rejected”.
  • The email “Booking Rejected” will be automatically sent.
    (Uses the mark-up in your EM Reservation Email Settings.)
  • The new Event Category “Event Cancelled” is automatically set.
  • Your event will still be publicly visible. The regular “Bookings are Closed” message will be displayed instead of your booking form, exactly the same as if you closed them manually. The event is not deleted, because deleting an event will remove all bookings info and create 404 errors.

How to test it?

Simply create a test event like any other. Publish it and add yourself as a participant. Then set the test event to “Cancelled” and watch the magic happen.

Type: WordPress Plugin
Price: Free
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Events Manager – Event Cancellation