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EM - Waiting Lists


This add-on creates a new section in the Ticket Options of the Single Event Edit Page. If set to “yes”, it will automatically show a waiting list sign-up form when this specific event is fully booked. It will list all sign-ups in ascending order.

Please note that sign-ups can only be done from the front-end. Users who have the manage_others_bookings capabilities will be able to bypass the front-end checks. To remove someone from the waiting list, simply click the “Remove” button in the back-end section and update the post.

This plugin follows a simple rule:

“If the booking form would have been shown, but the event is fully booked, then show the waiting list sign-up form instead.”

This plugin checks:
  • If the event has bookings enabled and is fully booked.
  • If double bookings are allowed. (If not, a booked user will not be shown the waiting list.)
  • If the user has already signed-up. (Each email address can only sign-up once.)
  • The waiting list cut-off time uses the Event Booking cut-off to determine its availablilty.

New options added:

  • Keep the booking form closed
    By default Events Manager will re-open the booking form if an approved booking has been cancelled or rejected. This option keeps the booking form closed (fully booked) if the waiting list is not empty. That way new bookings can not be made if the visitor is not already on the waiting list.

    It will also force the #_AVAILABLESPACES placeholder to show 0 and swap the content in {has_spaces} with {fully_booked}. That way a visitor will see your fully booked content, despite of the technical ticket availability.
  • Email a secure link to a waiting person
    If bookings are cancelled, the Admin can send a special, pre-formatted, customizable email to selective people on the waiting list. This email contains a secured link that will bypass the “Keep Closed” option, so the recipient is able to book the freed-up tickets like a normal booking. The number of bookable tickets will never be higher than the amount they signed-up for.
    The link can only be used once and the Admin can customize its validity.

Multiple Bookings Mode is fully supported since version 2.1.0.


An Admin cannot automatically move a person from the waiting list to a booking, due to online payments and the endless ticket options Events Manager offers. You can however use the “Secured Link Email Settings” option to bypass the waiting list and receive online bookings.


Fully Booked Waiting List - Step 1 Waiting Lists - Step 2 Waiting Lists - Step 3 Back-end view of the Wiating List Sign-ups

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