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Single Booking Sub Totals
for Events Manager

EM - Sub Totals


In a lot of countries website owners are legally required to show a sub total for the order and the amount sales taxes, before their customer submits the form.

Unfortunately Events Manager does not offer that if you are using it in Single Bookings Mode.
Thier Pro version (costs $ 75.00 per year) does have an option to enable “Multiple Bookings Mode”. If selected, your customer will be redirect to a cart.

Adding a cart to your EM Booking process can be useful. Yet, if MBM is enabled, your customer can always book multiple events in one booking. Not everyone wants that, but they might have an official requirement…
Personally, I am not a big fan of MBM, for several reasons… :-)

Why get this add-on?

Over the years, many EM users have requested the option to show sub totals in Single Bookings Mode. Unfortunately, the official EM dev team has yet to implement it.

This extremely easy-to-use add-on works right of the box. After installing the plugin and activating it, there are no settings to configure.

  • String translations use the already present strings in the Events Manager text domain.
  • All ticket data is taken from each individual Event.
  • Currency symbol & formatting are based on your blog’s locale and the selected currency in your Events Manager pricing options.
  • Price & Tax calculations are including or excluding sales taxes, depending on your EM pricing options.
  • This add-on will automatically hook into the Events Manger Booking Form and adds a dynamicly line between the ticket(s) section and the customer booking fields.
  • That’s all!

This add-on can only be used in Single Bookings Mode.

In the Events Manager Settings ⇒ Bookings ⇒ Ticket Options ⇒ Both choices for “Single ticket mode?” (yes & no) and “Show ticket table in single ticket mode?” (yes & no) are supported by this add-on.

If you are using Events Manager in Multiple Bookings Mode, EM has the sub totals displayed in the cart page.


EM - Sub Totals EM - Sub Totals

Minimal requirements

  • The latest version of WordPress (5.5 or higher)
  • PHP version 7.3 (or higher)
  • Events Manager (free) plugin installed & activated

Free Plugin

This plugin does not require a license key to activate and use. You can use it without any warranty. Support is limited and through the WordPress Support Forum only.