Creating the Difference

Ongoing Events
for Events Manager

EM - Ongoing Events


Easy to use add-on for Events Manager for organizing multiday events with just one booking / sign-up.

Unlike EM’s Recurring Events, EM Ongoing Events do not require separate bookings per event date. Simply create a single event with a booking form. Then specify the other dates that this event/class/course/seminar will be continued. As soon as you click “Publish”, those ongoing (linked) events will be automatically created for you.

Each sub event will link back to the original booking form. If a visitor has already booked, they will get a notice, preventing them from signing up twice. (If double bookings are not allowed, of course.)

That way you can easily maintain all bookings from the main event, while the ongoing dates are neatly displayed in your calendar as well. Your customer will only have one payment, get one conformation email and still have access to all event dates.

How this works

  1. Create a single event – the first day of your ongoing events series – with a booking form.
  2. Specify each next date, its start and end times in the special meta box “Ongoing Events” in the Main Event Edit Page.
  3. Click “Publish” or “Update”.
  4. All the sub events will be created automatically.
  5. Using the shortcode [ongoing_events] in your event content will show a table of all linked event info in every event.


Front-end Main Event. Front-end Sub Event, when a booking has already been made. Ongoing Events meta box in the Main Event. Overview of Ongoing Events in the Events Posts List.

Minimal requirements

  • The latest version of WordPress (5.5 or higher)
  • PHP version 7.3 (or higher)
  • Events Manager (free version) plugin installed & activated

Free Plugin

This plugin does not require a license key to activate and use. You can use it without any warranty. Support is limited and through the WordPress Support Forum only.

Events Manager – Ongoing Events