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Move Bookings
for Events Manager

EM - Move Bookings


Easily move Events Manager Bookings from one Event to another.
Do you ever need to rebook an existing booking to another event? Until now you had to delete the old booking and create a new one manually. Well, not anymore!

This add-on creates a new meta box in the Events Manager Single Booking Page. Simply select the new event from a dropdown list, click the button and you are done. (Remember to notify your customer.)

The dropdown will list all future events that have bookings enabled as:

There are no settings to configure. Just activate the add-on. That’s it.

Important to know

  1. Emails are not send automatically. You can use the native “Resend Email” if desired. After the rebooking, the EM placeholders will parse the new info, of course.
  2. This is a back-end only add-on. Move Bookings can not be done from “My Bookings”.
  3. The booking will be moved, despite of ticket types and prices.
  4. If the new event has enough spaces available, the booking will be moved. If you are using (lots of) different ticket types and prices, this may not be the right add-on for you (yet).


EM - Move Bookings

Minimal requirements

Free Plugin

This plugin does not require a license key to activate and use. You can use it without any warranty. Support is limited and through the WordPress Support Forum only.

Events Manager – Move Bookings