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Events Manager Pro offers great features. One of those are Coupons, available in the EM Coupons Manager. They provide a relatively flexible usage. You can select a fixed amount or a percentage discount, determine that amount yourself and set the code, name and description yourself.

However… Creating a coupon can be quite cubersome…
You have to create them manually and send it (again, manually) to your customer. Not so much work if you create EM Coupons in bulk or if you use them as a sort of (refund) courtesy, but what if you could start selling them as Gift Certificates? You’d want to do that online and fully automated, right?

Easy to use

  • Display the order form with a simple shortcode: [em_gift_cards_order_form]
    That will render a pre-defined, responsive order form with all regular field. Inputs that are required by Payment Serive Providers are marked as required, while others remain optional (such as phone).
  • Create your Gift Cards (line items) in the easy-to-use Admin interface.
    All Gift Cards will have a set amount each and will be available site-wide (all events with bookings enabled). Just like a store gift card is valid for all their products… You can define as many Gift Cards as you like.
  • Pick your favorite Payment Gateway.
    Both Mollie and PayPal Smart Buttons are included in the download. There is an example PHP file included to allow developers to add more gateways. But these two cover the world already. ;-)
  • Translate to your personal liking.
    This plugin offers front-end strings to be easily translated/defined in the Admin. No need to trust on (mostly poorly or out of context) translations by others.
  • Fully customizable Gift Card PDF.
    This plugin uses a PHP template file to render your Gift Card to PDF. The major benefit of such a template is that you have full control over the output. You can use HTML, CSS, PHP and special Wildcards, just like any other PHP page file. So the possibilities are basically endless.
  • Fully automated processing.
    After saving your personal settings, all form submissions, payment results, emails, code creation, etc are are handled automatically. No need to manually pre-create EM Coupon codes!
  • Automated Confirmation Emails.
    After a payment has been successfully completed, this plugin will send a customizable email to both the customer and the Admin with a PDF of the generated Gift Card attached.
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction.
    Enhance your customer satisfaction with the option to send one-time (auto-) reminders if a Gift Card is about to expire. This plugin will let you resend the original purchase email and PDF with just one click on a button. :-D
  • Pre-defined Wildcards.
    Built-in wildcards make it extremely easy to target order-specific info and use it in your emails and on the Gift Card. You can also add more yourself, if needed.
  • Transactions Overview.
    Of course you would also like to keep track of your sales. That’s why there is an overview table included.

Good to know

  • Gift Cards always have a fixed discount amount and can be used site-wide.
  • Gift Card details are being saved with the order. So any changes in your product(s) will not affect previous sales.
  • You can edit an existing Gift Card just like any other EM Coupon.
  • Both the back-end and front-end output are fully responsive, but you can still use your own styling.
  • The order form is static. It contains form fields which are basic requirements for online sales. Fields like “Phone”, “Company” & “VAT” are optional. Others are required.
  • Automatic case correction: “ronald MACDONALD” will be saved as: “Ronald MacDonald”.
  • This plugin will automatically format prices according to your blog’s locale and the selected currency in your Events Manager settings.
  • To prevent rounding errors, enter your discount values and sales prices including local taxes.


EM Pro - Gift Cards EM Pro - Gift Cards EM Pro - Gift Cards

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