Creating the Difference

Bulk Import / Export
for Events Manager

EM - Bulk Import/Export


This plugin makes it not only possible to upload EM Events and EM Locations in bulk, it also makes it extremely easy! The CSV file only has to contain a minimum of columns. All the rest is processed automatically. Yet it still leaves room for you to add additional columns to specify your events and locations in as much detail as you want.

Because Events Manager stores its data over several, custom tables, other importers simply can not do the job right. This add-on was developed especially for Events Manager and so it does offer a seamless integration.

This plugin will add data to wp_em_events, wp_em_locations, wp_posts & wp_postmeta, while linking them also correctly together with the incremented ID WordPress automatically assigns to new entries.

All that with just one click!

How this works…

  • Create a new file in MS Excel or Mac Numbers.
  • Make sure the first row has the correct and minimal required column names.
  • Enter your data per row.
  • Save the file as CSV.
  • Upload your file to the plugin.
  • Click “Import”.
  • Enjoy the rest of your day…

Important to know

The current version does not (yet) support importing/exporting tickets, bookings, event categories, etc. For now, this plugin just provides an easy way to create multiple EM Events & Locations in one go.


Minimal requirements

License info

All my premium (paid) plugins require a valid license key (validity per year) to:
  1. Activate the plugin.
  2. Use the plugin (run the code).
  3. Receive updates.
  4. Have access to the Premium Support Ticket system.
    Not only on this website, but also available in your WordPress Admin.
  • A license key is valid for 365 days after purchase and will not be automatically renewed.
    You will receive two emails (1 month & 2 weeks) before expiration and one after.
  • Network-wide activation on WordPress MultiSite requires only one, valid license key.
  • Localhosts and non-public test environments will not be counted as an active installation.
    The license key is also required to run the plugin on a localhost.