Creating the Difference

Backup MultiSite Settings
for Events Manager


This is the missing option in any Events Manager MultiSite!
In the help text on the Network Settings Page of Events Manager, it claims you can import/export your settings from the sub blog(s). You can not.
That option is truly missing.
Single Site installations do have that option however.

Why this add-on?

On the Events Manager Pro Forum I posted about this missing option. Since they did not want to admit they had simply forgotten to include this option on the sub sites, they filed it away as a “feature request”. Yet, the code is already there (used for single installations and the network settings). All that has been forgotten, is to show the meta box on sub sites – making the existing code available to sub site users as well.

Unfortunately, this section does not have one of the many hooks or filters EM normally offers. So the only solution was to create a completely new add-on… Now you can finally export all your carefully set options to a .json file and import that on any other blog or keep it as a back-up.

What is being processed?

This plugin will export all options in your wp_options table of the current blog that begin with either em_, emp_ or dbem_. So, if you have any third-party payment gateway installed for example, those settings will be automatically saved as well.

Additionally, this plugin will import all ± 465 EM entries with “autoload = no”. That wil certainly help to speed up your overall WordPress loading times.
(So, Single Site users can benefit from this add-on as well…)


This plugin will only import/export your options as defined in Events → Settings.
It will not back-up the events, locations or bookings.


EM - MS Backup

Minimal requirements