Creating the Difference

Mollie Payments
for Caldera Forms

Mollie Payments for Caldera Forms

Online payments via Mollie for any Caldera Form!

Enjoy the many free features Caldera Forms offers to create your own stylish, easy to complex (contact) forms – 100% to your personal needs. Then simply assign four fields to the extremely easy to use CF Mollie Processor and you’re all set.

Detailed transaction info will automatically be added to the native Caldera Forms Entry View in your Dashboard, so you can easily retrieve it in your Admin.

One install for numerous forms.

Since this plugin hooks into Caldera Forms as a Payment Processor, you can assign it to as many CF forms as you want. You only need one unique license key per installation/website. Please read below for installing this plugin on WordPress MultiSite.

Translatable Strings

All front-end strings are translatable from the CF Mollie Settings Page in your WP Dashboard. That way you can address your customers exactly how you like. No need to depend on translations made by others.

Decide what to after successful payments.

To run your own custom function after the online payment has been completed successfully (Status = Paid), you can use this action hook: cf_mollie_paid. It parses two variables: $entry_id and $values. The possibilities are endless.

function cf_my_custom_action( $entry_id, $values ) {
	// Do stuff.
add_action('cf_mollie_paid', 'cf_my_custom_action', 10, 2);


CF Mollie - Use Processor CF Mollie - Set Fields CF - Mollie Settings

Important to know

Currently only one-time payments are supported. Recurring payments (subscriptions) will be added in a later stage.

About Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is a free and powerful WordPress plugin that creates responsive forms with a simple drag and drop editor. It is a much better alternative to Gravity Forms. Learn more about Caldera Forms at

About Mollie

Mollie is a Dutch, online payment service provider that accepts 25 payment methods and 31 currencies. It is a great substitute for Stripe! Learn more about Mollie at

Minimal requirements

License info

All my premium (paid) plugins require a valid license key (validity per year) to:
  1. Activate the plugin.
  2. Use the plugin (run the code).
  3. Receive updates.
  4. Have access to the Premium Support Ticket system.
    Not only on this website, but also available in your WordPress Admin.
  • A license key is valid for 365 days after purchase and will not be automatically renewed.
    You will receive two emails (1 month & 2 weeks) before expiration and one after.
  • Network-wide activation on WordPress MultiSite requires only one, valid license key.
  • Localhosts and non-public test environments will not be counted as an active installation.
    The license key is also required to run the plugin on a localhost.

WP MultiSite installation

This plugin is WP MultiSite compatible. You only need one (1) license key to activate & use this plugin network-wide. Individual settings are saved per blog, preserving each blog's unique identity.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

7-Day Money Back GuaranteeYou need a valid license key to both activate and use this plugin.
Without it, it can not be used. I do not offer a free trial period.
If for any reason you decide that this amazing, premium plugin does not suit your needs, contact me within the first seven (7) days after purchase by email and I will refund you in full.

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Mollie Payments for Caldera Forms
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