Creating the Difference

Events Manager

EM – Single Booking Sub Totals

EM – Single Booking Sub Totals Show Sub Totals & taxes in EM Single Bookings Mode. Works with & without the Tickets Table & single / multiple tickets.
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EM – Backup MultiSite Settings

EM – Backup MultiSite Settings Save your Events Manager settings on MultiSite installations. This basic option is missing in Events Manager!
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EM – Waiting Lists

EM – Waiting Lists Automatically provide a waiting list when your Events Manager event is fully booked.
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EM – Move Bookings

EM – Move Bookings Move bookings between events with a simple dropdown.
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EM – Email Users

EM – Email Users Send manual emails to bookings of a specific event, based on their booking status.
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EM – Ongoing Events

EM – Ongoing Events Link multiple events together with just one booking from. Great for multi-day classes, courses & seminars.
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EM – Events & Locations Slider

EM – Events & Locations Slider Create a slider (carousel or fade) for your upcoming events and/or locations, using native EM arguments.
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EM – Event Cancellation

EM – Event Cancellation Easily cancel an Events Manager event and automatically send"rejected" emails.
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EM – Email Users Pro

EM – Email Users Pro Extend EM Email Users even more with PDF tickets, Follow-up emails, QR Codes and more!
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EM – OpenStreetMap Maps

EM – OpenStreetMap Maps 0% Google, 100% open source.
Replace Google Maps with the 100% free OpenStreetMap.
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