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Privacy Policy

Privacy by default.

I promise to never share/sell your details with any third party. All your (personal) data is completely safe and will only be used to process your request internally.

The only exception is an online payment: If you purchase a license key, your account details need to be shared with the online payment provider Mollie BV.


This website does not use any tracking cookies, advertisements, etc. Nothing is stored until you explicitly give me permission to do so.

If you are commenting on one of my blog posts, the Comment Policy applies.


I do not send out newsletters. Only if you are a paying customer (bought a software license key), I might send your an expiration reminder and/or an email notifying you of an important change. I will not spam you with discounts, etc.

Data stored after purchase

When purchasing a product (license key) on this website, your data will be stored in order to process your request accordingly. It will be kept as long as your license key is valid. After the expiration of this license key, your data will be kept for a maximum of two years, due to legal obligations. After that all your data will be deleted in full and permanently.