WordPress Plugins

Backup MultiSite Settings for Events Manager

Save your Events Manager settings on MultiSite installations. This basic option is missing in Events Manager!

Email Users for Events Manger (Free Version)

Notify your Events Manager attendees in bulk with personalized emails, based on their booking status.

Email Users Pro for Events Manger

Supercharge the free version of "Email Users for Events Manager" with PDF tickets, Follow-up emails, QR Codes and much more!

Event Cancellation for Events Manager

Lets you cancel an Events Manager event and send customizable "Event Canceled" emails with only one click!

Events & Location Slider for Events Manager

Create a slider (carousel or fade) for your upcoming events and/or locations, using native EM arguments.

Move Bookings for Events Manager

Allows you to very easily move an upcoming Booking to different upcoming Event in Events Manager.

Ongoing Events for Events Manager

Links multiple, single events together with just one booking from. Great for multi-day classes, courses seminars, etc.

OpenSteetMap Maps for Events Manager

0% Google, 100% open source! Replaces the paid Google Maps API in Events Manger with the open source OpenStreetMap API.

Single Booking Sub Totals for Events Manager

Displays sub totals & sales taxes in the Events Manager booking form. Works with & without the tickets table and in single and/or multiple tickets mode.

Waiting Lists for Events Manager

Shows a Waiting List sign-up form if your Events Manager event is sold-out and includes nifty options to boost your customer satisfaction.

Payment Gateway Selector for Events Manager Pro

Lets you easily select which activated Events Manager Pro payment gateway should be available per a specific event, using a simple checkbox.

Mollie Payments Gateway for Events Manager Pro

Accept online payments via Mollie for Events Manager Pro. Perfect and seamless integration!